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After 30 Years, Indicon Has Become One of North America's Largest Controls Integrators

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World Class Products & Services


Since our inception in 1992, Indicon has emerged as a leading Control System Integrator and one of the largest and most technologically advanced UL Panel Builders in the Industry. We are a company of 95+ Engineers, 250+ Technicians, and more than 300,000 square feet of Control Panel Fabrication space throughout North America.


At Indicon, our primary focus is on the development and implementation of state-of-the-art PC and PLC based control systems for a variety of industries.

Combining our vast experience in the latest technological advances allows us to provide superior systems, service, and support to our customers worldwide.

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Indicon provides comprehensive service and support to our clients all over the world. We sustain our exceptional growth and our status as a Tier 1 partner by incorporating the principles of continuous process improvement.


Indicon’s priority is our customer’s complete satisfaction. Our objectives are clear; we will always…

  • Serve our customer’s best interest
  • Leverage our unmatched controls experience and proven technologies to deliver the most reliable automation solutions
  • Offer design alternatives to the customer when it is clearly beneficial
  • Maintain our superior level of quality
  • Enhance our service offerings through constant process improvement


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Our Safety

Our top priority.

Safety first dedication:

Our commitment to quality performance extends to the emphasis we place on achieving a zero-injury and zero-accident workplace for all employees. Our number-one priority on the job is safety. Therefore, we crafted a strong prevention approach, with 4 major actions, based on OSHA standards and years of industry experience.

Our Values

The foundation of shared trust.

They bind us together and create the community of belonging to Equans. They are part of Equans’ DNA.

We recognize ourselves in them, we adhere to them, they are our commitment.

They define the way we interact with each other and with our customers to build mutual trust.

Team Spirit
Service Focused

Our Vision

Build an efficient safe & connected world.

Acting to build an efficient, safe and connected world, Equans provides its technological expertise and tailor-made services, serving the world’s major transitions, for people now and in the future.

Our Mission

To be the best in operational excellence.

We serve the energy, digital and industrial transitions of our customers by providing a high level of expertise and technology with the ambition of making a significant contribution to a low carbon world.



Who is Equans?

“Demanding, Visionary and based on Performance.”

These are the defining traits of Equans North America, humble and proud to be a leader in technical installation and maintenance services. Equans aims to combine its competence to serve the 3 major transitions (EnergyIndustrial and Digital) which are key for the next decades. We are rooted in exceptional history, gifted with unique competences and talents. Equans comes from the vision, the entrepreneurship of our predecessors.

We are committed to empower the three transitions.

Equans is committed to empower the three transitions; Energy, Digital, and Industrial

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