Our Projects

Indicon Corporation Is the Leader in the Design, Build, and Implementation of the Industry's Most Complex Control Systems.

Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center

Controls Design, Build, & Integration: EMS Conveyors for F-150 Lightning.

GM - Factory Zero

Controls Design, Build, & Integration: GA Conveyors, EMS, & Flat Top for Electric Hummer

Stellantis - Mack

Controls Design, Build, Integration: Inv P&F, OH P&F, Decking Shuttles, Flat Tops & Tire & Wheel

FCA / Geico

Process Controls for
Box Paint Shop

GM - Springhill Assembly Plant

Controls Design, Build & Integration: VAC, Door, Seat, & Tire & Wheel Conveyors for Cadillac Lyric Program.

Ford Motor Company

Laser Marking Stations
Dearborn Engine

General Motors Company

Software Design;
Panel Build; Startup

Ford Motor Company

AVIS Inspection System
8 Systems / 6 Plants

GM - Flint Truck Assembly

Controls Design, Build, and Integration: Skillet System, Seat, Instrument Panel, & Complete GuardLogix Controls Upgrade to All Existing Conveyors.

Stellantis - Sterling Heights Assembly Plant

Process Controls Design, Build, Integration: Box Paint Shop Including All Bake Ovens, Spray Booths, Lean Dip Phosphate Washer / E-Coat Dip & Central Sludge, Central Humidification Systems, & Building Ventilation.

GM - "One Lab" Dyno Facility

Process Controls Package from Specification Creation to Design, Build, Integration, Launch & Maintain Central Energy Plant & Dynamometer Cells Control.

Stellantis Tech Center

Process Controls Design, Build, Integration & Launch: Scientific Test Facility.

Ford Motor Company

Flex-Inspect (Flexible Vision Inspection System): Ford’s Modern Technology Development Center (MTDC) Partnership that Uses Machine Vision Cameras Mounted To Cobots To Inspect Various Parts.

Multiple Tier 1 Suppliers

IAC, Yanfeng, DMS, SAS – Instrument Panel Inspection System Utilizing A.I. To Detect Defects.

Multiple Tier 1 Suppliers

IAC, Yanfeng, DMS, SAS – Inner Door Inspection System Utilizing A.I. To Detect Defects.

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