Control Panel Fabrication Custom Panels
delivering ul certified control panels for 25 years... and counting
With five UL certified panel shops across North America that serve our worldwide customer base, Indicon is ready to tackle your next Control Panel project. For over 25 years, we have truly perfected the art of Panel Build and continue to exceed our customer's high expectations for unsurpassed Quality, on-time Delivery, and competitive Pricing.
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Panel Facilities
Our world class panel manufacturing facilities offer customers the benefits of our exclusive Panel Blanket Expertise. Our guaranteed consistency of build standards result in decreased start-up issues, program launch duration, and overall project cost.
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Serialization... on the Cutting Edge
Critical Birth History of every Control Panel on your plant floor - Instantly
In our continuing effort to remain on the leading edge of technology, Indicon has developed a state-of-the-art Panel Tracking System, that is unlike any other on the market. Though originally developed for our 'Blanket Order' customers, IndiTrack is now available to every Indicon customer.

What is IndiTrack Serialization? Custom Panels
Key Features of IndiTrack
  • IndiTrack is Cloud Based
  • Produces a permanent serialized barcode tag for the panel
  • Records the component assignment as it hits the backplate - not before not after
  • Allows reassignment of components from the floor
  • Validates each panel component vs the BOM
  • Tracks ALL components (manufacturer agnostic)
  • Tracks labor (timestamp employees working on each panel)
  • Interfaces with manufacturer/distributor tracking
Custom Panels Benefits of IndiTrack
Key Features of IndiTrack
  • Electronic birth history for all Panels
  • Lifetime traceability for every component -by Panel - in the field
  • Faster implementation of firmware updates
  • Minimizes warranty campaigns
  • Known location of every Panel throughout the organization
  • Reduce non-conformance among different plants, divisions, etc.