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Design, Build, Integration

Leading Engineering In Controls

Since 1992, Indicon has led the industry in Conveyor Controls design, build, and integration. Throughout this time, this division has grown to over 40 Engineers that are second to none in the industry. From our roots in Power and Free Conveyors, to the latest in AGV technology, Indicon continues to deliver ultra-reliable automation solutions to the Material Handling Industry.

Specific Applications

  • Power and Free
  • Skid / Skuk
  • Skillet Systems
  • Electrified Monorail Systems
  • Friction Drive
  • Transfer Units
  • Lifters / Loaders
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Full-Service Simulation and Emulation Services


Conveyor Systems Installations
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Full-Service Emulation & Virtual Commissioning Capabilities

Indicon offers in-house emulation services providing automation solutions to many different industries.  Our team of Emulation engineers have extensive experience in PLC based material handling systems.

We utilize Emulation for proof-of-concept testing in virtual environments. Emulation typically occurs early on in the project, giving our customer visibility into possible pain points or bottlenecks.

Our emulation services provide fully functional 3-D models that allow our customer to verify the PLC logic is clean before our Commissioning engineers hit the factory floor.   

Industries Serviced

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Package Fulfillment Facilities
  • Baggage Handling
  • Parcel Automation
  • Warehousing

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