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A.I. Vision Engineering Systems

Delivering Visual Assurance Through A.I. & Automation

Indicon’s Vision and Special Projects (VSP) Group is the perfect complement to our Conveyor and Tooling Divisions. This group specializes in AI Vision-based Quality, Inspection, and Measurement Systems. As a Preferred Partner to Ford, GM, and Stellantis, our VSP Group has an unparalleled track record for delivering ultra-reliable Vision Systems in the most mission-critical environments.

Our Services and Expertise

  • Full-Service, AI Based, Vision Engineering and Integration
  • Vision Guided Robotics
  • Cobot Vision Cells
  • Laser Measurement
  • Error Proofing, Part Tracking, and Pick Systems
  • Automated Paint Quality Cells
  • End-Of-Line Quality Assurance Cells
  • Historical Data Collection, SPC, and Validation


Custom Integrations & Programming
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PC-Based Vision Inspection System

  • A PC-Based system using our proven Attribute Vision Inspection System (AVIS)  platform and numerous GigE cameras
  • Adapted to provide multiple inspections and quality-control checks on a moving assembly line
  • Allows for multiple inspections on a single component/engine/frame, or several inspections happening asynchronously to one another
AVIS Ford Plant Chassis Inspection

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